Hiking to Anna Ruby Falls: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for a hike that’s both scenic and easy to walk, Anna Ruby Falls in North Georgia is a fantastic option. You’ll have the opportunity to see twin waterfalls side by side! The trail is paved, so it’s perfect for people of all ages and abilities, as well as strollers and dogs.

view of Anna Ruby Falls from the upper observation deck

Guide to Visiting Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls near Helen, Georgia that visitors love to see. These double waterfalls are located in the heart of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.

view of Anna Ruby Falls from the lower observation deck

Curtis Creek forms the larger waterfall (150 feet) and York Creek forms the smaller waterfall (50 feet). Both of them then merge to form Smith Creek.

black bear statue with sign of Anna Ruby Falls

After you arrive at the parking lot, check out the gift shop and Anna Ruby Falls Visitor Center. You can also take a picture in front of the black bear statue!

There will be signs that lead you to the paved trail.

What is the trail like?

The trail is a paved 0.4-mile footpath that takes you right along the banks of Smith Creek. There are wooden rails to keep you safe as well as a bride to help you cross over the creek at some point. This is a great place to snap some photos too!

Be prepared for some steep inclines and uneven terrain. If it’s hot out, be sure to take plenty of water with you on your hike as there is no source available along the way.

paved trail that leads to Anna Ruby Falls

You can see the water spilling and splashing along the boulders as you trek through the forest on your way up to the waterfalls.

Fun Fact: The Smith Creek eventually flows into the Chattahoochee River, which flows through Atlanta.

Eventually, you’ll come to a viewpoint where you can see the waterfall cascading down the rocks.

At the end of the trail, there are two observation decks at the base of Anna Ruby Falls. The viewing decks give you multiple angles to see the falls.

view of Smith Creek next to the paved trail

After you’ve finished your hike at the falls, you can visit Unicoi Park nearby too. Unicoi Lake is really pretty and a perfect spot for kayaking.

There is also the Smith Creek Foot Trail. This trail connects the Anna Ruby Falls Trail to Unicoi State Park. It is a 4.6-mile hike that leaves the Anna Ruby Falls Trail near the upper bridge across Smith Creek and leads to the campground in Unicoi Park.

Helen is a short drive away from lots of opportunities for outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and ziplining.

Is Anna Ruby Falls an easy hike?

The trail leading up to the waterfalls is very easy because it’s paved and has rock benches along the way where you can take a break. The path is also right next to Smith Creek so it’s really desirable to make stops along the way, enjoy the sights and sounds, and take plenty of photos.

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure that is both scenic and easy access, hiking to the spectacularAnna Ruby Falls is the perfect destination.

How much does it cost to go to Anna Ruby Falls?

The cost for admission is $5 per person. If anyone in your party is under the age of 16, they can see the waterfalls free of charge. There are also annual passes that you may purchase. It’s easiest to bring cash to pay for the entry fees.

Can you take dogs to Anna Ruby Falls?

Yes, dogs are allowed to join you! Make sure your dogs will be comfortable with the environment before you join them. The park and the trail can be filled with people, young children, and other dogs at times. It’s also quite loud when you reach the deck because of the waterfalls!

My dogs were a little skeptical to walk the stairs up to the deck initially, and they were intimated by all the children running around. So I brought treats and water to keep them at ease!

Are there other waterfalls in the area?

There are numerous waterfalls in the North Georgia Mountains! Anna Ruby Falls is one of four popular waterfalls located in the Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest near Helen, Georgia. Two of the other waterfalls, Dukes Creek Falls and Raven Cliff Falls, are also in White County. The third waterfall, DeSoto Falls is in neighboring Lumpkin County.

Hiking in Georgia

Georgia is filled with fantastic hiking trails, waterfalls, campgrounds, and more! Depending on your itinerary, you can visit the nearby mountain towns of Helen, Blairsville, Hiawassee, Clayton, and Blue Ridge.

There are also plenty of nature trails, lakes, and rivers in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

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