7 Best Breweries in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga has been brewing great beer and filling pint glasses since the early 1800s. Beer is engraved into the city’s history and has withstood prohibition, cultural changes, and the new modern-day age. Craft beer lovers and those who enjoy a refreshing glass of ice-cold deliciousness will have no problem finding the perfect spot for a pint in Chattanooga. 

While this southern town is most loved for its natural scenery, beer is another love affair for the city of Chattanooga. If you are ready to beat the heat in the summer, or let loose on an exciting Friday night, there is no shortage of options for a fresh craft beer. 

Planning a road trip through Tennessee? Get to know Chattanooga and add it to your bucket list!

Chattanooga Breweries

Keep scrolling to discover 8 of the best and most beloved breweries in Chattanooga. 

1) Chattanooga Brewing Co.

The Chattanooga Brewing Company is the rebirth of the original city brewing company from the 1890s and opened its doors in 2010. The company takes pride in restoring the original company as traditionally as possible pouring itself into research and recipes.

Once known for having the finest German beer in all the country, it stayed a legacy until prohibition closed its door. Today, the brewery keeps it classy and traditional, brewing German ales and lagers, keeping the original history in each pint. They collect ingredients from the local farmer’s markets, so everything goes from farm to barrel. Be sure to try, their best sellers, the Hot Mama and Chesmut St. Brown Ale.

2) OddStory Brewing Company 

The OddStory Brewing Company is an experience all on its own. Built on the odd story of the town of Chattanooga, once being a victim of flooding and erosional issues over time, each craft beer tells a story. The brewery believes in good beer and good times, with no screens in sight, only music, and good conversations.

The brewery has a wide range on tap, from ales and lagers to stouts and sours. Some of the house favorites are the Queens Calamity, and Belgium Brew served with a friendly vibe and luscious green atmosphere. 

3) Naked River Brewing Company

Naked River Brewing sits inside one of the oldest buildings in Chattanooga, just adjacent to Finley Stadium. Opening its doors in 2017, it is the city’s largest brewery, famous for its beer and southern BBQ. It provided a lot of natural lighting and open space, a friendly atmosphere, and a lot of energy.

Beer is sold on tap, and in cans for a craft to-go drink to enjoy an ice cold can on the opposite waterfront.  Be sure to try the first ad original house favorite, Chocolate Moonpie Stout. 

4) Five Wits Brewing Company 

The Five Wits Brewing Company was opened in 2019 by a group of friends who met in Denver. They missed the flavors of home and decide to open up a brewery to resonate all their favored blends and flavors. It’s now one of the city’s most popular and vibrant breweries.

It’s open and spacious with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, and a modern and contemporary design with a large covered porch. The friends put a lot of pride and passion into each one of their beer blends, well-crafted and favorable in each barrel. A brewery favorite with a classic flavor, the ABV Old Heller Helles Lager, is a must-try.

5) Wanderlinger Brewing Company 

The Wanderlinger Brewing Company is open 7 days a week slinging beers for locals and visitors each day. They believe that the world is beautiful and that beer can keep people together living in peace and harmony. They were founded with inspiration in innovation, exploration, and adventure.

It’s a perfect place to relax with a beer, catch live music on the weekends, and grab a bite of delicious bar food. Be sure to build your own house sandwich, and taste their beer on tap, such as For The Record and Watch This.

6) Hutton & Smith Brewing Company

Hutton & Smith Brewing is hands-down one of the best breweries in Chattanooga. Named after the founders of modern geology, the brewery put pride and patience into each blend. Beers all have a rock-themed name, and geology puns and giggles are dotted around the establishment.

It’s a very cozy and homey place, perfect for a chill night out with friends or a nightcap after a long night. Beer is sold on tap, and in 6-pack-to-go cans to keep the party going long after closing. Be sure to try the Xenocryst, a complex with flavors from fruity, to caramel to coffee.

7) Tanasi Brewing

Tanasi Brewing is the real deal when it comes to unique craft beers and a fun environment for families and pets! There is a dog park on-site with an outdoor Biergarten so you can hang out at this cool place for hours with your pet. Outside games and a fire pit are just a bonus to enjoying the outdoor space here.

They also sell home brewing supplies if you’re interested in creating your own beer at home. The owners are really cool and can tell you more about the process if you’re interested in learning more.

And don’t forget about the craft beers! One of the most interesting flavors is the Watermelon Crawl Seltzer. Sounds so refreshing, especially if you head here after a long day of hiking or boating.

Bottom Line

Whether you prefer ales, IPAs, stouts, or lagers, you kind find it all in a wide range of flavors in Chattanooga. Beer is a part of the city’s history, and the locals do their best to share that history with each and every visitor. We hope you have enjoyed this list of the best breweries in Chattanooga, and that you swing by for a sip of iced cold beer during your next visit.

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